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Amazon Prime – Cinema in your home

The cinema offering a screening without advertising has reached out to anyone who appreciates the combination of convenience, quality and price. A collection of good films offers us “Amazon Prime”, which evokes better and better emotions on our market. Not only those resulting from the new activities undertaken by the “Amazon” company, which until now has been associated with a trading company that takes care of every detail of the service it provides. As well as those caused by the offer that gives you a palette of movies and it’s completely free for a week from activation. I assure you that seven days is enough time to get to know the possibilities of this website. First of all, it departs from productions that take away from us the transfer without providing us with any impressions.

Here the offer is definitely selected for demanding people. A large selection of genres is not everything, in them we will find films that will make us lose track of time. Addictive action cinema, family productions, comedy, romantic and many other genres in which we will forget about the amount of popcorn eaten. It is also encouraging that the company does not consider itself a winner. Constant striving to improve the quality of services provided places them in high positions, but customers are more and more demanding.

“Amazon” works with content partners to meet the expectations of people who, by turning on “Amazon Prime”, will be looking for the movie they are interested in in the blink of an eye. The offer is interesting and rich, so we do not waste time on unnecessary scrolling. The interface is fresh, clean and full of ready-to-play videos. On the day of the release of the American version, we got access to such TV shows as “Lost in Oz”, which received a “Daytime Emmy” nomination for its excellent sound quality. The range of fairy tales to choose from will certainly appeal to many small recipients, whose parents struggle every day with inventing new entertainment for their children.

The “Disney+” platform is sending us a pre-premiere, for example, “Frozen II”, the next part of the highest-grossing animation in the history of cinema. “Rotten Tomatoes” gave this production “Walt Disney Animation Studios” and “Walt Disney Pictures” a rating of 90%. The film was nominated for two Oscars, two Golden Globes, one BAFTA nomination and several others. In addition, on April 3, 2020, we get the opportunity to watch “Onward”, whose cast includes Chris Pratt or Octavia Spencer, the winner of the Golden Globe.

By using the “Amazon Prime” service, the older audience will not be disappointed either. Free programs will be available in the “Prime Video” application, which is free to download. It is compatible with mobile devices, Apple TV, game consoles and Chromecast. Speaking of game consoles, I couldn’t forget about “Furi”, it’s a highly rated indie slasher. It appears for free until April 1 in the offer from “Amazon”. “Games with Prime” currently tempts us with games such as “Whispers of a Machines”, “Mugsters” or “Bomber Crew”. However, if you want something better, they have a Twitch Prime bundle on offer in “FIFA 20”, $1 million in “GTA” Online or some interesting packages for “World of Tanks”.

For viewers with stronger nerves, who like night cinema, I recommend “Descent”. A thriller about a college student who becomes a rape victim. However, the girl implements a plan of revenge on her colleague, leaving no doubt as to whether she is a strong and ruthless woman. For the second course, he will serve us “Underwater Trap” (47 Meters Down Ucaged) – Italian Horror that provides a lot of thrills. There are no objections to the choice of movies for the evening, family or comedy productions. In this database you will certainly find everything for yourself. The platform offers us not only movies, using the services of “Amazon Prime” we can safely swim in the selection of skins for games, various free perks, interesting discounts on new entertainment, fairy tales, series and TV channels.

There are other terms and conditions for using the services of this e-commerce giant. Jeff Bezos, in a statement sent to Variety, says that in order to help European authorities, he tries to limit the amount of data sent over the network while maintaining high video quality (through stronger compression of materials). This will help us play selected productions faster to enjoy the “Amazon” offer. You can use it in many places, “Amazon Prime” has just become part of the “Play” network products, where we can get it completely free if we are customers of this operator.

What else should interest us? Another advantage of this project is the ability to create up to 6 accounts (so-called sharing). There will also be an option to set accounts for children, which will sort the content displayed to the youngest according to our preferences.

To sum up .. “Amazon Prime” is a collection of opportunities to use free time, taking care of our comfort and requirements at the same time. We will not run out of entertainment in the form of games, movies and fairy tales. The team works diligently to expand the offer, which is to meet the most demanding connoisseurs of spending time online.






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