About fifa 2k21 general description test

FIFA 21 Full Version, as usual, allows for the same features as previous installments of this series, including playing matches, tournaments, and competitions involving national teams and football clubs from around the world. The novelty is the introduction of an artificial intelligence mode and changes to the career mode.

The artificial intelligence has brought many innovations, such as influencing the positioning of players on the field, which also helps them avoid offside positions and better intercept opponents’ passes. Changes have also been made to the way positional attacks are built.

The career mode has been expanded in a way that allows players to have more influence on the course of the game by observing statistics. There is also more freedom in selecting training sessions for players, which allows for improving their attributes and changing their positions. The transfer system has also been expanded, giving players the ability to modify team lineups.

In this version of FIFA 21 Polish Edition, we will also encounter the VOLTA mode, which is known from the previous installment. With this mode, we can play in various urban environments, and of course, it has been enriched with new locations to bring even more enjoyment to the players.






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