General Infos about FIFA 20

FIFA 20 offers many novelties. Like every year, the new football season brings a new edition of the FIFA game. This is already the 27th annual release of the best-selling sports game series in history. FIFA 20 will provide players with familiar features from previous versions, but also new solutions that have not been seen before.

The biggest change in the new version compared to last year will be the new Volta Football mode. “Volta” means “return” in Portuguese, as this mode is meant to bring football back to its roots, namely street play. Volta also marks a return to what EA Sports offered in the FIFA Street versions. It will allow players to choose matches in various numerical configurations. You can play 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, or follow the rules of professional futsal. Players will have the ability to create their own player, choose their outfit, and add various distinctive elements, including tattoos. In this game mode, the emphasis, like on the street, will be more on individual skills of the players rather than tactical elements, as in professional matches. Matches can be played on various street pitches in selected cities around the world, including a league system with promotions and relegations.

“Volta” will in a sense replace the well-known “The Journey” mode from previous FIFA versions, which disappears from the game. There will also be the possibility of creating a scenario in which the player-created character will be the main protagonist. They will choose their own team and lead their own league. Both male and female players will be able to participate in matches.

Improved game fluidity is another change we will see in FIFA 20. As usual, the developers have worked to improve the fluidity of the gameplay on the pitch. EA Games states that player movements will be even more authentic thanks to the introduction of Authentic Game Flow, which aims to ensure that the players controlled by the player will better “sense” the timing, space, and their position on the field. The player will also have better control over the events on the pitch in decisive moments of the matches. Whether it’s a shot that can change the game’s outcome or a crucial tackle in the final moments, the aim is to increase the chances of deciding matches in their crucial moments.

New ball flight trajectories have also been refined. The artificial intelligence of defenders has been improved, and their behavior on the field will depend to a greater extent on manual control by the player. Automatic blocking of shots will occur less frequently. The shooting mechanics have also been made more realistic. Just like on a real pitch, it will be harder, for example, to score a long-distance goal when there are many defenders nearby. Precision shots will also be more challenging, requiring double pressing of the button. The time window for executing it at the right moment will be shortened. Passing situations will also be more realistic. Plays under pressure will more often result in inaccurate passes, and ball interceptions by opponents will happen more frequently. The creators’ ambition was to create new movement trajectories for the ball that better replicate reality in terms of passes and shots.

FIFA 20 Download also introduces changes in player behavior during the match, including the increasingly important real-life football element of off-the-ball movement. Players in the latest version of the game will be more mobile when the ball is not under their control, creating better spaces for themselves on the field. The game will also encourage individual duels, which will look more realistic and attractive than ever before. Additionally, the execution of free kicks and penalties has been refined. Players will have the ability to more accurately determine the destination of the ball using a new targeting system, and by using the controller stick, they can give the ball the desired rotation.






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