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Spotify Premium all-in-one application for your phone is here! This is free cracked version of Spotify with PREMIUM PLAN included. To get Spotify Premium just download our application for Android or iOS.

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Supports: iOS 6+, Android 2.3+

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Infromations about Spotify Premium APK

Spotify is a program for playing music and podcasts for free, with the option of buying a premium version. Spotify Premium Free bases its action on audio streaming with the ability to save songs and create your own playlists.


The Spotify application is the perfect solution for lovers of easily accessible music. The service is a fair way for listeners to listen to online music. It contains a number of life-facilitating functions and a user-friendly interface. The Free Spotify Premium application is currently one of the most popular programs for listening to online music.

The possibilities of the Spotify application


The program, as well as the Spotify Premium APK website, has a quick registration process and the ability to log in using a Facebook account. The process itself is fast, as is the installation of the application, which we can easily download from the official website and install on every device.


The service allows you to install the program on computers with Windows, Linux or MacOS operating systems, as well as on smartphones with android and iPhones. It makes the application easily accessible and handy from the application.


It is possible to create your own playlists, not only public, but also private. The interface also allows you to listen to music in any order by creating temporary queues. An application modeled on other popular programs on the market analyzes user preferences and proposes new songs. With each track you listen to, the knowledge of the application about our musical taste is strengthened. The simple way to add music to your favorites makes it very easy to find and remember new music and then come back to them at any time. Music and playlist sections created in the application include not only genres, but also music chosen for the mood or the situation. Finding a perfect piece of music to work, fall asleep or dinner is just a matter of seconds. Thanks to a large database of creators of subsequent playlists it is much easier to find something suitable.


Spotify Premium APK Download has a huge database of songs, including covers, remixed music, and soundtracks from movies. Everything is divided into performers and albums, which allows you to navigate the song lists of individual artists, or soundtracks of specific movies and series. Unfortunately, we do not watch music videos on Spotify Premium, but it has its advantages, because the lack of image the app works better at work and during training. In addition, it limits the amount of data downloaded from the network, which saves Internet on the phone. In addition to music, Spotify Premium can show off a large database of podcasts divided into categories. The same system of listening to thematic recordings also has the function of saving the moment in which we finished listening, so you can change the listening podcasts and go back to the previous ones when they were stopped. In Spotify Premium for Free, we find audio stories, stories about other countries, and even purely entertainment guides and podcasts. The application is a good alternative to broadcast on the radio.


Spotify Premium Android Free does not strike users with listening to music, apart from sporadic advertisements. It is impossible to listen to a podcast somewhere in a music playlist when listening to songs. Thanks to this, listening to Premium Spotify for iOS music will not be interrupted for a reason.


The Spotify program works efficiently, plays music in good quality. The playlists and favorites created by users remain available on every device, giving the application an advantage over the discs and other ways to play music offline.


Graphic Spotify page


The application has a simple, fairly minimalist interface based on black and green by default. It is clear and does not affect the user's focus. Due to its color, it does not strike with light at night and always remains legible.


Spotify Premium

Premium subscription allows you to exclude advertising in the application. For a price of less than twenty zlotys per month, the user is given the option of selecting individual songs to be played on a mobile device, while advertisements do not appear, regardless of the number of songs played. In addition, the highest quality sound option appears. The premium application is able to save selected songs, which means that if you do not have Internet access, you can still play music on your phone.


The premium version has a trial version, so you can try Spotify Premium for thirty days. The subscription itself is paid automatically, after choosing one of the available Spotify Premium types.


There is also a Spotify Premium version for students, it is a twice cheaper option. You can also choose a version for the family, with the possibility of connecting to Spotify Premium up to five people living on one address for less than thirty zlotys per month. For couples, a similar offer appears at a price lower by five zlotys.


Regardless of the premium type, the application allows you to cancel your subscription at any time and return to the free way of playing music on devices.

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