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Tidal Premium all-in-one application for your phone is here! This is free cracked version of Tidal with PREMIUM PLAN included. To get better version of Tidal just download our application for Android or iOS.

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Supports: iOS 6+, Android 2.3+

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About Tidal APK:

Tidal Premium Free is one of the leading services to listen to music on demand in very high quality. The rich music library of the website currently contains over 60 million songs and about 250,000 video recordings. In addition to access to music, the ability to create your own playlists and listening to the lists that professional music editors and even artists create, Tidal HiFi Free is a multitude of other benefits related to music, from exclusive materials behind the scenes concerts, to the easy and quick purchase of tickets for the most important music events.


Tidal Premium - extended features and more options

Tidal Premium is a special type of subscription that gives you additional benefits. Premium subscription is above all the normal sound quality, all HD videos and videos and professional editorial staff, which is of great importance when using the site frequently. You can get Tidal Premium for PLN 19.90. In addition, it is possible to buy a family package, under which five people can be added to your subscription without additional costs. The subscription price for a family offer is PLN 29.90. The website has also prepared an offer for students, which enables them to purchase a full Tidal Premium for PLN 9.90. People who use the subscription on the Play network can enjoy Premium for two years for free, and T-Mobile customers use Tidal free of charge for data transfer. Each user is also entitled to a 30-day trial period, which is a chance to try the Premium version. We can personally see if such a subscription meets our expectations and after one month we decide whether we want to extend it or give up (in this case, we do not bear any costs).


Tidal HiFi - quality for the 21st century

Tidal is the first streaming service in the world with lossless HiFi sound quality. Enables you to listen to thousands of songs in studio quality, both on Android devices and those with iOS. The function is also available in the Tidal Destination application. It is a chance for the best possible listening quality of individual tracks, but also for entire playlists. Tidal HiFi is primarily a lossless HiFi sound quality, Master quality (MQA) in a desktop application, all video files, HD music videos and professional editing. The price of Tidal HiFi in the standard subscription is PLN 39.90 per month. As in the case of Tidal Premium, the service has also prepared a family offer in the area of Tidal HiFi subscription, which consists of free adding up to five additional subscribers. In this case, the monthly fee is 59.90 PLN. Available Tidal HiFi subscription offer for students is PLN 19.90. Of course, and in this case, it is worth using the 30-day trial period, which will allow us to familiarize ourselves with the possibilities of the site and make a decision about subscribing to Tidal. Everyone who uses the subscription on the Play network, can enjoy subscription for two years for free, and T-Mobile customers use Tidal free of charge for data transfer.


Tidal - additional benefits that ensure the highest user comfort

The basic advantages of the service include the ability to stream a huge number of songs and playlists and the highest possible sound quality. However, these are not the only good sides of the site. Tidal gives you the chance to listen to music at a high level and on your own terms. This is manifested, among others in the fact that you can also use it offline, which is an invaluable advantage for many users. The songs that we will download using the offline function will be able to accompany us always, even without access to Wi-Fi or LTE networks.
Tidal also has many benefits that relate to events, concerts and other musical events. It allows you to listen to and watch concerts, festivals and exclusive live events. The Tidal HiFi X program gives you access to tickets for all major music events, meetings with artists and hard-to-reach content behind the scenes. It is an exceptional music service that can particularly bring the user closer to his favorite artists, icons of contemporary music. It accomplishes this by providing interviews, behind-the-scenes content and thanks to playlists often arranged by artists themselves. All of these supplements, available easily and in high quality in one place, make Tidal more and more supporters. An interesting feature of Tidal is My Mix. This is a personalized mix of songs that is based on the user's playback history. It is usually an excellent response to the need to contact music, which is often associated with the difficulty in determining what songs we want.

Tidal Premium Free is a service that gives great opportunities to all who love music. Easy access to a huge music library, very high quality and additional features have made it one of the most popular platforms, and a free trial period is a great way to test its operation.

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